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Wedding officiants must be ordained either on-line or through a religious organization. The State of WI does not require registration or proof of ordination. As long as the officiant is ordained, they're able to perform the ceremony legally.

Information for All Officiants and Applicants

Wedding Officiants (including officiants that are ordained online), you do not need to register with this office in order to perform ceremonies here in Dane County. Please provide the couple with your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address, so that they can give us this information at the time of application.

Listing of civil officials willing to perform ceremonies

Name Phone Email
Court Comm. Tom Hebl (608) 837-4325
Court Comm. Alyssa Mahaffay (608) 886-9223
Municipal Judge Mark Hepfinger (608) 239-0541
Municipal Judge Daniel Koval (608) 264-9280
Judge Valerie Bailey-Rihn (608) 267-2525
Court Comm. Toni Laitsch (608) 255-2560
Court Comm. Benjamin Schulenburg (608) 267-2519
Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg
Court Comm. J. Alberto Quiroga (608) 267-4104
Judge Paul Higginbotham (608) 212-8999
Municipal Judge Lana Mades
Court Comm. Karen D. Julian (608) 219-8619
Court Comm. Michelle Affatati (608) 334-7348
Judge Paul Lundsten (608) 577-4285
Court Comm. Daniel Floeter (608) 266-4182
Judge Michael Nowakowski (608) 249-0926
Judge Julie Genovese (608) 266-4186
Judge Jennifer Nashold (608) 628-0484
Municipal Judge Todd Meurer (608) 332-2864
Judge Rhonda Lanford
Court Comm. Jason Hanson (608) 267-4101
Judge Josann M Reynolds (608) 266-4234