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September 15, 2008
Dane County Clerk Bob Ohlsen 266-0723
County Clerk

Dane County Clerk Bob Ohlsen is urging all residents who are not currently registered to vote to visit their local municipal clerk’s office before October 10 to register to vote. The Dane County Board adopted a resolution at its meeting on September 4th proclaiming Sept. 10th through Oct. 10th, 2008 as Voter Registration Month in Dane County. (A copy of the Resolution is attached). “All voters in the State of Wisconsin must be registered in their municipality before they can vote”, said Ohlsen. “You can register before the November 4th Election by contacting your local municipal clerk. They can instruct you on the various ways to register.” County Clerk Ohlsen expects that approximately 80,000 voters in Dane County are not currently registered, or have moved or changed their name since their last registration. “If you have moved, or changed your name since you last registered you must complete a new form before being allowed to vote. We expect record turnout in November so lines could be long to register at the polls. We STRONGLY encourage all voters to register prior to election day to eliminate a potential long wait at the polls” Ohlsen said. Many counties and municipalities throughout Wisconsin have recognized September 10 through October 10 as Voter Registration Month, in order to promote early registration of voters. Although voters may still register at the polls during an election, recent changes to state and federal law have changed the procedures for registration and verification of voter status, making early registration a preferable option for most residents. Citizens should contact their local municipal clerk – city, village or town - if they are unsure of their registration status. Local clerks can check the statewide system to be sure all information is current, and if a change needs to be made they will instruct residents on how to update the voter registration form so that all information is current and will appear on the correct poll book with the correct information. # # #